About Us

Problems at Work (PWK) has been created to allow employees, casual workers (including zero hours staff) and the self-employed to record and to share their work-related problems and concerns.


Almost all workers will experience Problems at Work at some point in their career. Bullying is not illegal and has become a common problem in many workplaces, be it conduct by your manager or by a colleague. Minority groups are particularly vulnerable to such problems, with 33% of BAME workers experiencing discrimination at some point in their careers.


Most workers suffer in silence, afraid of being victimised if they complain, and feeling alone and marginalised as a result.


Moreover, with discrimination increasing, whistle-blowers being harassed, endemic bullying, the introduction of “with prejudice” discussions, employers taking a tougher line with workers, and access to justice being reduced by Employment Tribunal fees, for many workers, the workplace arena is becoming increasingly hostile.


However, no matter how bad the work situation appears to be sharing it will help. You are not alone. Further, there is always a work/legal strategy available to provide a way for YOU to WIN. For this reason, PWK also provides you with information and, if you wish, access to FREE initial legal advice, to help you form a plan and to fight back.


All workers (employees, casual workers, zero hours workers, and the self-employed) have RIGHTS and many more RIGHTS than you may imagine. For example, they can all make claims for discrimination, harassment and victimisation.


If you have problems at work please share them with us and begin the path to a better work life. Everything you say will be kept confidential. You can say as much or as little as you want.